Cool places & Good food: A trip to Sai Gon (part 1)

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I have lived in Sai Gon for 4 years, from 2nd to 5th grade. Then I came back to Hanoi and live here since then. Of course I’ve travelled back there quite some time, but I didn’t really have the time to scoot around freely. This time, I stayed for 10 days, solely to hang out with my friends and to treat myself.

Today I’m gonna introduce to you some of the places I’ve been to in Sai Gon!

1. L’USINE: 70B Lê Lợi St, District 1 & 151 Đồng Khởi St, District 1.

Probably the most popular cafe/restaurant in HCMC. If you google “L’usine Ho Chi Minh city“, you’ll find loads of images of the place. They have 2 cafes/restaurants in HCMC, and both of them are great in terms of food and style.

We had Madame Breakfast or something, which is simply fabulous looking ham and cheese sandwiches.

 photo DSC_5075f.jpg

 photo DSC_5059f.jpg

And we had Brekki Burger. Their Brekki Burger is full of flavours and is definitely a must-try.

 photo DSC_5066f.jpg

 photo DSC_5079f.jpg

I also tried their Iced Chocolate and Strawberry Smoothie, all very creamy and tasty.

 photo DSC_5084f.jpg

 photo strawberrysmoothie.jpg

2. TOKYO DELI31 Ngô Đức Kế St, District 1.

As you can tell, it’s a Japanese restaurant. The price here is very cheap compare to other quality Japanese restaurants (trust me I’ve been to many). And surprisingly, although not very pricey, the food and services here are great.

Every time I went there I have to order this Crab & Egg Soup. It’s super delicious. It’s only around £1. Shocking, isn’t it?

 photo tokyodeli2.jpg

We also ordered some Salmon & Tuna Sashimi, fresh and tasty.

 photo tokyodeli.jpg

Their Beef Udon is mouth watering as well. Ahh I want to go back there. Why don’t they have one in Hanoi??

 photo tokyodeli3.jpg

3. CORIANDER THAI RESTAURANT1 Bùi Viện St, District 1.

Common Thai dishes, spicy and sweet, tasty, have reasonable price but not so much of an impression.

 photo 21359_10200185070568844_1523237595_nf.jpg

I wanted to try Thai mango rice so give the restaurant a try. It’s surprisingly yummy!

 photo DSC_5031copy2.jpg

4. CỤC GẠCH QUÁN10 Đặng Tất St, Tân Định Ward, District 1.

Literally means “Brick Restaurant”. This place is reminiscent of Vietnam in the old days or in the countryside, with simple Vietnamese dishes in intentionally broken bowls and uneven cups.

The food is OK, a bit too salty and spicy to my taste. The thing that impressed me the most was how they serve your drink: you’re giving the full ingredient to mix it yourself.

 photo n1B001EDBccoacutec.jpg

5. SHI-FU DIMSUM HOUSELevel B3, Vincom Centre A, Đồng Khởi St, District 1.

Delicious delicious dimsum dishes with reasonable prices. Take-away available.

 photo IMG_7653.jpg

I absolutely love EVERYTHING on their menu. Wish I have it here so I can show you the name of my favourite dishes :( This place is a must-go.

 photo IMG_7656.jpg

6. TEA COFFEE TREE 86 Nguyễn Du, District 1.

A relaxing place where there are plants everywhere, even on the walls. It’s like a huge tree house but more modern. Love the place, super green.

 photo _DSC3346.jpg

Even their menu is bounded in green cover.

 photo _DSC3479.jpg

A gorgeous place.

 photo _DSC3606.jpg

 photo _DSC3592.jpg

 photo _DSC3591.jpg

Their lemon tea with lemongrass is THE drink you look for in these hot days.

 photo _DSC3347.jpg

These are only half of the places I planned to go and try the delicious food. I’ll be back to Sai Gon soon and will definitely update you with all the cool places. Stay tuned!
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