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Umm ♥

I’ve just realised that I’ve been eating too much pork and beef etc. and haven’t eaten many veggies, and chicken >.< That’s why I decided to have healthy (I think) breakfasts for weekends, since I don’t have much time to prepare on weekdays :(

So here’s what I had:


Letuce, Avocado, Red bell pepper

Chicken breast fried with olive oil, with a little bit of black pepper and mayonnaise

& Orange juice ♥

Normally I’d cook the chicken and slice the veggies beforehand and store them in separated box and put them in the fridge. When I make my breakfast I’d just reheat the chicken, toast the bread then place the veggies on.

Lunch isn’t really needed actually, with this alone I’d have enough energy for the whole day :D breakfast is the most important meal for me anw :P

Have a nice day!

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