Outfit: How I wear my DIY dip dye/ombre top


Remember my DIY ombre top? Here’s how I wear it today.

Many people told me never to wear pink with red, and I used to think that they are dead right. But when I started to experiment more with coordinating my clothes, I thought they make a great duo sometimes.

I say sometimes because it depends on the shade of pink/red too (I can’t really imagine myself wearing a neon pink shirt with a bright red or even burgundy shorts).

With my ombre top, I wore it with a red skirt cause it’d enhance the gradation of the whole outfit.

This cute red floppy hat is to make the skirt less lonely. It’s a bday gift from my bff ♥

The red/fuchsia bag is also here to compliment the skirt :P since it has brown leather lining, I wear a brown leather bracelet to kind of like toning down the colours a bit.


And that’s how I wore it today. You can totally wear it with something more basic like baggy jeans and denim shorts to lessen the bright colour. I like my outfit bright for England’s gloomy days haha.

 photo Sigiecopy2.png

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