Sweet Glittery Nails

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These are the last days I’ll be in the UK this year. I’m coming back home! To Vietnam!

That’s why I go shopping a lot these days, for miscellaneous stuff that can’t be found in VN. Like this nail polish I’ve just bought: Nude Rose by Maybelline ♥ £4.09 T.T

I’ve been looking for this exact colour since forever >.< It’s not too bright and not too muted, it’s just perfect! I’m loving it ♥♥♥


I haven’t had time to do a proper nail art design with it so I just play around for now :”> turns out quite nice actually, I love how my nails look like I’ve just dipped them in glitters haha


Nail tip: Nude Rose by Maybeline

Glitter: Glitter nail polish by Saffron

Top coat: Clear nail polish by Barry M

Sweet Glittery Nails by Chi Han (bun143.com)

 photo Sigiecopy2.png

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