I started working as stylist


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Hi everyone, it’s been a long time. Actually, it’s already been ONE YEAR since my last post.

I am so sorry for neglecting this blog THAT long TT_________TT

A lot has happened. I came back to Vietnam for the summer, enter a photo and styling contest, something I’ve never done before, and I got carried away with it so much I didn’t pay any attention to this blog at all. The contest actually took most of my summer time as well T.T

Anyway, our team won 2nd place! Over 3000 other contestants! The prize was rather puny but as a first timer (first time working as a stylist as well) I was so so proud. ↓↓↓↓↓

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Next thing I know, I was going back to the UK as a first year university student! I was full of excitement until reality hit me in the face. I won’t go into details and drag you to the pit of the darkest, gloomiest days of mine back then. Let’s just say everything wasn’t what I had imagined, and I was kind of mentally unprepared. photo DSC06661.jpg

It was too late to transfer to another uni so, I took a gap year!

I went back to Vietnam and applied for another uni in London. It felt like the whole world was disappointed in me and turning their back on me. Ah well, even if that’s true, they’re not walking in my shoes so I can’t blame them. Luckily, my family & my bf still got my back, they’re the ones to help me up.

During that time, I continued building my portfolio and also started working for an online teen magazine (and freelancing as well) as fashion stylist. ↓↓↓↓↓

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I learnt so much during that time. I got to gain so many experiences in the field I love. Honestly, my gap year was well spent and I don’t regret the one-year-time-delay in my plan as much as I thought.

What do you know? I got admitted into the only university that I applied (after 2 months waiting for their decision -.-). Now that I got the biggest problem out of my way, I’m ready continue my journey and share it with you guys.

I’m going to have some work I’ve done in the past year and some DIY jewellery tutorials up next. This time I make everything more clean and clear for you, so stay tune and please look forward to it :)

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Oh and one more thing. My domain name bun143.com has expired so it won’t work anymore, and I’m planning to use a different domain name this time :) Too bad chihan.com has apparently already been registered, although it didn’t come out when I try to find it :(
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