Cool places & Good food in Hanoi: District01

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Summer days in Hanoi, I have to admit, are too hot for me to handle. That’s the reason why I hate going out of my house where my precious AC is. But I cannot stay inside all day and cut off any connection with the outside world and just rolling in my bed surfing the internet. Well, I can, but I’m trying my best not to be so anti-social.

For that reason I always look for places to hang out with my friends. For me, that place should have cool interior design, calming atmosphere, yummy food, and of course, reasonable prices. Although I am picky and have too high of a standard for a cafe/restaurant for youngsters, the newly opened District01 has totally stolen my heart.

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The way leads to the restaurant makes you feel like going to a secret hideout! But inside, the place is enormous, it looks very calming and refreshing to me.

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I am a sucker for places with large windows like this.

 photo _5DSC9421f.jpg
 photo _6DSC9416f.jpg
 photo _8DSC9376f.jpg
 photo _7DSC9356f.jpg

The restaurant does not only look great, but have tasty food and beverage as well. And the price is reasonable.

 photo _9DSC9381f.jpg
 photo _10DSC9344f.jpg
 photo _11DSC9341f.jpg

Yummm. I really shouldn’t have post this in the middle of the night like this :(

 photo _20DSC9414f.jpg
 photo _22DSC9401f.jpg
 photo _26DSC9405f.jpg

Oh and not to mention, they have a lovely golden retriever just for customers to play with. His name is Nino. He’s a really good boy, I can’t help but patting him every time I walk by. Don’t worry, the staffs always keep everything sanitary.

 photo _13DSC9370f.jpg

And for a shopaholic like me, the owner’s boutique – À Mon Avis, which situated right inside the restaurant – is the cherry on top. The shop is quite famous (long before the restaurant was born) and have very selective clothing.

 photo _3DSC9438f.jpg

You can see a thorough review of this place here at my dear friend’s food blog: I promise it’s a good one :)

If by any chance you come to Hanoi and visit this place, you might actually see me around playing with Nino, haha. Untill next time lovelies.

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3 thoughts on “Cool places & Good food in Hanoi: District01

  1. Hi Chi. :) Been reading your blog for awhile before and I realized your back making posts! Awesome. Anyways, that little restaurant looks so cool. I love the big windows as well along with the greenery. Food & drinks look delicious and what an adorable dog. Glad to see your posting again. :)

    1. Hi Clarissa :) Thank you for your great comment! I hope you will continue supporting my blog and hopefully one day will come to Vietnam and visit that great restaurant xD Thank you xx

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