New hairstyle: Chopped off my pink/bleached tail

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 photo IMG_1263.jpg

Yes. I chopped it off.

I wasn’t planning for this at all. I have indeed wanting to cut my hair short for a long time but never got the nerve to actually do so. And this time, on a rainy day, for no reason at all, I decided to go and cut my hair. If I had planned this thoroughly, I would definitely cry while my hair was being cut off.

For me it was a big deal when I decided to bleach my hair and dye it pink about a year ago. By doing so, I kinda sacrifice part of my hair for the sake of having pink hair. That part was bleached and dyed countless of times, and it was all dry and breaking. I still wanted long hair so I didn’t chop it off, but by now I’m kinda irritated by how I have to style it elaborately in order to look good (since my hair was stiff from bleaching, it didn’t look nice at all if I just let it be and do nothing with it).

Now that I cut it off, I feel, somehow, really comfortable and refreshing.

 photo IMG_1245f.jpg

 photo IMG_1237f-1.jpg

My current hair length is actually awkward, since it keeps pointing outwards and looks really funny after being washed and dried, but I can style it freely and easily though. Now that it’s shorter, it doesn’t take much time for me to curl or straighten it, and I can have different hairstyle anytime I want to! And when I get lazy, I just tie it low and curl some hair left in front of my ears (it makes my face less round as well hehe).

 photo IMG_1543.jpg

I told the hair dresser I wanted to keep my chopped-off part so she tied it before cutting it. I wish it was still pink when it was cut off though, it would be interesting if I can keep it for some times as a memory :3

 photo _DSC9453f2.jpg*I hope the last picture won’t scare you haha*. See you next time :)

 photo Sigiecopy2.png

8 thoughts on “New hairstyle: Chopped off my pink/bleached tail

  1. Aww it looks adorable! I think short hair fits you very nicely and I love that color. I’m the same way, right now im contemplating whether or not to cut my hair. I want long hair but I too have the whole bleach bottom and it’s starting to look yucky. Any who it looks great! Haha

  2. I dyed some parts of my hair pink :)) I really love it but I hv got some mean criticism and it hurts. So I decided to dye it back to brown but the color wasn’t stay there, it faded n the highlight parts kept the golden color.
    Any advice, ss :<

    p/s: I love ur new hair :3

    1. Thank you <3
      Criticism was expected when I dyed mine haha, not everybody is brave enough to bleach their hair AND dye it brightly, and being different is never accepted.

      Anyway, I've never dyed my bleached hair black, but my friends who did so could never do it successfully -.- one of them did, by dyeing it black again n again until it doesn't fade anymore, so I reckon you try that :3

  3. After a few days thinking abt it, I decided to dye those parts of my hair back to pink. I love it and I don’t give a shit abt critisism anymore :))
    Thank u ss for ur advice :3

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