Photo diary: Discovering Italy (part 1/4), Florence & Pisa

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Hello peeps!

I’ve just had a 2 weeks trip to Italy with my family and it was amazing! Italy is now definitely no.1 on my favourite-European-countries-to-travel list, and I’ve been to many! Including France, Austria, Australia, Greece,… I won’t include England since I’m studying here not actually travelling. Now that I mention it, I really need to explore the UK this year, I’ve been too lazy for the past years studying here.

OK now back to Italy. In this entry, I’ll show you Florence & Pisa through my photography. Enjoy!


 photo 1-14.jpg

 photo 6-7.jpg

 photo 7-7.jpg photo 8-7.jpg

 photo 9-7.jpg

 photo 12-8.jpg

 photo 13f.jpg

 photo 14-5.jpg

Gelato! You can find gelateria anywhere on the street! They almost have the same flavours (lemon, melon, coconut, chocolate, stracciatella, strawberry, mint, pistachio, banana, coffee…).

 photo 16-2.jpg

 photo 18-2.jpg

 photo 17-2.jpg

 photo 19-2.jpg

 photo 32f.jpg

 photo 28-1.jpg

 photo 29-1.jpg

 photo 19f.jpg

 photo 21f.jpg

 photo 22f.jpg

 photo 24-1.jpg

 photo 33f.jpg

 photo 34-1.jpg


 photo 36f.jpg

 photo 38.jpg

 photo 40.jpg

Out of all the cities I’ve been through in Italy, I must say Florence is my 2nd favourite. The service here is good, there’re leather market and shops with good price and quality for you shopaholic (like me), and there are many museums and galleries around to visit (you should definitely spend a day to find out about the Renaissance art history of the city).

As this is just a photo diary, I don’t go into details. If you have any question about visiting the city, feel free to ask below and I’ll tell you what I know :)

 photo Sigiecopy2.png

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