Photo diary: Discovering Italy (part 2/4), Tuscany & Umbria

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This is the 2nd part of my photo diary in Italy. Today, I’ll show you 6 old towns/cities.

Three in the region of TuscanyMonteriggioni – Siena – Anghiari (if you’re interested in beautiful medieval towns, you should definitely visit Monteriggioni and Anghiari; on the other hand, Siena is the capital city of the province of Siena).

Three in the region of Umbria: Perugia – Gubbio – Assisi (Perugia is the capital city of Umbria; Gubbio is a beautiful village that the lady at the villa we stayed advised to go, but that’s my favourite place actually, we happened to go there when they had a march and everybody was wearing really nice costumes; and last but not least Assisi, the birth place of St. Francis).



 photo 44.jpg

 photo _DSC0404.jpg

 photo 46.jpg


 photo 48.jpg

 photo 47.jpg

 photo 49.jpg

 photo 55.jpg
 photo 56.jpg


 photo 57f.jpg

 photo 59.jpg

 photo 60.jpg

 photo 62.jpg

 photo 64.jpg

 photo 65.jpg
 photo 66.jpg

 photo 67.jpg

 photo 68.jpg

 photo 69.jpg
 photo 70.jpg



 photo 74.jpg

 photo 75.jpg

 photo 76.jpg

 photo 77.jpg

 photo 78.jpg

 photo 80.jpg


 photo 84.jpg

 photo 89.jpg

 photo 94.jpg


 photo 96.jpg

 photo 100f.jpg

 photo Sigiecopy2.png

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