Photo diary: Discovering Italy (part 4/4), Venice – Verona – Milan

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This is the 4th and last part of my photo diary in Italy. Today we’re going to the most romantic and fabulous cities in Italy: Venice where the only transportations are boats & gondolas, Verona where the love story of Romeo & Juliet took place, and Milan where all the famous fashion brands gather. And no doubt Milan is my favourite city in Italy.


 photo 150.jpg

 photo 150a.jpg

 photo 150b.jpg

 photo 150b-1.jpg

 photo 150e.jpg

 photo 150g-1.jpg

 photo 150g.jpg

 photo 151.jpg

 photo 152.jpg

 photo 161.jpg

 photo 161a.jpg

 photo 161b.jpg

 photo 161c.jpg

 photo 162.jpg

 photo 163.jpg

 photo 168.jpg

 photo 168f.jpg

 photo 170.jpg

 photo 182.jpg

 photo 183.jpg

 photo 185.jpg

 photo 187.jpg

 photo 190f.jpg


 photo 191.jpg

 photo 194.jpg

 photo 196.jpg

 photo 197.jpg

 photo 200.jpg


 photo 201.jpg

 photo 202.jpg

 photo 203.jpg

 photo 204.jpg

 photo 205.jpg

 photo 206.jpg

 photo 207.jpg

 photo 208.jpg  photo Sigiecopy2.png

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