Photo diary: Discovering Italy (part 3/4), Amalfi – Capri – Rome

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This is the 3rd part of my photo diary in Italy. In this post, I’ll bring you to the sea, driving along side the Amalfi beach and cruising to the Capri island. Then, I’ll take you to the capital of Italy, Rome! While we’re in Rome, we’ll also have a brief look at Vatican.


 photo 109.jpg

 photo 110.jpg

 photo 111-1.jpg


 photo 112.jpg

 photo 114.jpg

 photo 116.jpg

 photo 117.jpg

 photo 118.jpg

 photo 119.jpg

 photo 120.jpg

 photo 121.jpg

 photo 122.jpg

 photo 124.jpg

 photo 127.jpg

 photo 128.jpg

 photo 134.jpg

 photo 139.jpg

 photo 136.jpg

 photo 138.jpg


 photo 142.jpg

 photo 143.jpg

 photo 144.jpg

 photo 145.jpg

 photo 146.jpg


 photo 148.jpg

 photo 149.jpg


 photo Sigiecopy2.png

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