Outfit: The perfect mullet dress


 photo DSC_6680f.jpg

This, is a very very very late update. And I am ashamed about that. After my trip to Italy I only focus onto my UK visa and house renting and stuff over there. I didn’t really have time for myself and my precious blog *weep*. And so today, I am finally posting another of my outfits (a bit too late now since it’s almost winter everywhere in the world, but here it is anyway).

 photo DSC_6678f2.jpg

I found this nice little alley in Florence, my favourite city in Italy. I didn’t get to wear this dress much in Vietnam since I sit on motorbike a lot while I don’t like sitting with both my legs on one side, like a proper lady, so much. So yeah, this is my purrrfect chance. Haha.

 photo DSC_6687f.jpg

 photo DSC_6702f.jpg

My shoulders are boney so I wore a denim shirt on top to cover it up, I look horrible without it. If you’re having the same problem then you might want to try that.

 photo DSC_6684f.jpg

Although it looks a bit inconvenience to travel, this dress is actually the most comfortable one I’ve ever worn (I can totally run miles in this baby), and the cotton fabric it’s made out of is perfect for travelling as well, sweat-free and wrinkle-free! Plus, it’s grey, it goes with almost everything.

 photo DSC_6687f2.jpg

 photo DSC_6708f.jpg

Mullet dress: BOO//Picked by Boo

Denim shirt: H&M

Oxford shoes: Zipia

Striped bag: Charity shop in Canterbury (£3!)

Sunglasses: Vivienne Westwood

 photo Sigiecopy2.png

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