London Calling: Portobello Road market

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Hello lovelies! Starting from today I will be having a new series for my blog: London Calling. Haha that sounded like a serious announcement. Ehem. This series will be posts about places that I discover and enjoy the most in London.

As some of you may have known, I have returned to the UK to continue my study; and this time, I will be living in London! I’ve promised myself not to waste my time this year into staying home surfing the internet or laying around. I will get myself to explore London and England as much as possible! Well, when I don’t have class of course…

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Last weekend I had some time for my own and just enjoy going back to the place I’ve been longing to go back the most: Portobello road market. I’ve been there 3 years ago with my family, when I haven’t even decided to study abroad yet.

Portobello is “the world’s largest antiques market with over 1,000 dealers selling every kind of antique and collectible”, and it is nearly 150 years old! There are 5 sections of the market: New Goods, Fashion, Fruit & Veg, Second Hand Goods, and Antiques. I was only there for the Antiques and Second-hand goods though.

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I went there by tube and came out from Ladbroke Grove station, which, just by crossing the road right outside, I’ve already reached the market! If you start here, the first section you’ll see is new goods/second-hands/fashion. It’s a mix really. But that part isn’t situated Portobello road though.

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The first thing I noticed was this lovely cupcakes stall, probably because I didn’t have breakfast. They weren’t only cute but delicious as well! I bought a brownie cupcake, as the lady there recommended. It sure was tasty ♥

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While enjoying my cupcake, I found out a vintage clothing stall that sells vintage Levi’s denim jackets! Jackpot right at the start of the day!

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They were all in very good condition, and at a bargain price as well! And I sure did give myself one, I’ve been searching for my perfect match for such a long time!

Right next to it was a vintage fur coats & hats stall. What a fabulous corner it was.

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There were beautiful vintage clothing everywhere, good foods that make your stomach grumble all the time, the smell of old books subtly mixing in the air and funky jazz music playing from vintage CDs stalls on the street with happy owners dancing to it. It felt like I was lost in Wonderland.

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At the end of this section is Portobello Road. The houses/shops on this road is absolutely beautiful, and awesome. Look at the way they decorated this shop!

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There were also more stalls on the road, selling all kind of things, from fancy hat wear to miscellaneous toy figures.

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But those weren’t what I came here for, so I searched for the Antiques section and found out that it is near the intersection between Portobello Road and Westborne Grove, which takes quite some time to walk. So up on the bus I went!

Before that I didn’t forget to get me a delicious caramel churros.

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When I arrived at the right stop, there was this hip and pretty flower shop that I just have to take a picture of, because it just looks so cool.

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Then, I found my way to the market.

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It was exactly how I remembered it: crowded, full of beautiful and colourful houses, and a giant tea pot hanging.

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Ahh I still remember this shop. They sell many things here including super realistic miniature! I bought 2 tiny rabbit miniatures there 3 years ago haha.

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This is an antique shop where they sells many kind of antique clocks. I still remember how my dad stopped by for half of the day there before…

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And there were plenty of vintage British silverware stalls on the road. So amazingly shiny…

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Vintage jewelries and accessories that seduces all the ladies…

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English style porcelains that would definitely seduces my mom…

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And street performers! He didn’t forget to introduce his youtube channel when he finished the song.

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After walking leisurely and going back and forth on the street a few good times, I finally decided to go home. There were many more beautifully colourful houses on my way to Notting Hill Gate tube station. Arghhh, that just made me want to live there.

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 And of course, I didn’t forget to ask somebody to take a picture of me there.

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Although it rained all day, I felt really refreshed after spending my day alone there, just browsing through the shops and stalls, enjoying the atmosphere of the market. It was a feel-good day for me. I’ll be sure to go there again some time, there are still many corners I haven’t discovered yet, but I’ll save it for when my friend comes here. It would be nice as well to have someone sharing your interest to go with you.

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-If you plan to go there for the Antique section, remember that it’s only opened on Saturday around 9am. And the market will get crowded from around 11:30am.

-I started from the Ladbroke Grove station end, but if you want to start right at Portobello Road, the nearest station would be Notting Hill Gate. Starting from there, you’ll be able to enjoy more vintage shops and fashion stores on the way to the market.


And tada~ This is the Levi’s jacket that I bought at the market! It’s super thick and warm, hence its heavy weight…But this is the best denim piece I have ever spent my money on, and it was so cheap as well! Next time I’ll try to bring back a faux fur coat haha.

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Until next time lovelies!

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