First post of 2014! Anddd it’s already been 8 months since new year…



I know. I am in shame. Deep deep shame. 8 months and not a single post for my lovely dearest blog (but I have a reasonable excuse). Please accept this photo as me being so shameful I had to face the wall and think about what I didn’t do. Which is writing a blog post.

 photo DSC00901.jpg

My excuse is that I did not expect my first year in University would be so hectic and busy. I had 3 terms per academic year and apart from designing and pattern making/cutting and sewing and other practical stuffs, I also have 2 essays each term. They weren’t terribly long but they were hard to write since I have to do a lot of thorough research. And after all those research when I finally gathered all the information needed (by collecting from like 20 different sources ranging from books to e-journals), I had to find a way to compress it into only about 2000 words. That did not include research for my practical work (design projects). But I’ve done them well hehe (I’ve got good marks yay!).

Earlier on I’ve been travelling to a few places. France and Korea. I should be posting my photo diary soon hehe. And now I am back in Vietnam <3

Anyway. What else should I write about..hmmm. Well I have just accomplished one great thing, that is I have finally finished my portfolio website. I have actually been done with the website itself long ago already but I was too lazy to put my stuff up. And just a few days ago I decided to apply for an internship so I finally upload my work there haha. You can find it at . And please do comment about it here if you want to haha.

I’ll talk to you later! Bye~

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