My 2013’s highlight: Dying all my hair pink

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As you may have known, I’ve had pink dip dyed/ombre hair before, and thanks to that my hair was badly damaged (mostly because I had my hair permed as well though) so I chopped off my hair a few months ago.

Since it was pretty short, I thought that I should use this chance to bleach all my hair and dye it pink. And I did. I won’t be talking too much about the process here but I’ll probably update you with a post about bleaching and dying my hair soon.

Photo 21-05-2016, 23 03 08

For now, I just want to sum up the situation of my hair ever since I first dyed it pink, which was in November, with these pictures of me camwhoring every time my hair changed colour because of washing or re-dying. I’ve dyed it 3 times in 2 months now.

 photo 993733_10200966188816312_752364175_n1-1.jpg

 photo 994656_10201055512609351_1687013344_n1-1.jpg

 photo 1525003_10201204000081445_1754292699_n1.jpg

*Oh and sorry for this very late Merry Christmas picture of mine, I just didn’t feel like making a post with just 1 picture of me with a very cheesy grin like this lol.*

 photo 1505410_10201258046632575_1761718276_n1-1.jpg

Happy holidays everyone!!!
 photo Screenshot2013-12-29at233430.png

 photo Sigiecopy2.png

5 thoughts on “My 2013’s highlight: Dying all my hair pink

  1. Please update this~. I’ve been wanting to dye my hair pink (my hair originally is black). I also don’t want to do too much damage to it. Also, how do you curl your hair to get those voluminous curls? My hair is so flat that it just goes blehhh.
    Thank you~

    1. Hi there~ I think it’ll be a while until I can write a full post about bleaching my whole head so in the meanwhile you can check my post on dip dyeing my hair pink, which instructed about both bleaching & dyeing it pink. And for the curling I’ll try to update with a post with visual demonstrations soon haha.
      Thanks x

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