London Calling: Christmas on the High street

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Christmas is coming to town, and it is definitely lurking in every corner of London.

Too bad I’m not going to celebrate my first-Christmas-in-London this year, in fact I am already back to Hanoi. But there’s no reason for me not to enjoy the wonderful festive air of the big city, Christmas decorations have already been hanging around for about a month now lol. And they are absolutely beautiful. I bet it will be even more extravagant when it comes closer to Christmas Eve.

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Although I walk on Oxford Street almost everyday, I’m rarely there in the evening. And when I occasionally do, I don’t conveniently have a camera around to capture the beautiful glittery scene (and I keep forgetting to bring one as well, even though I want to photograph it before going back to Vietnam so bad…).

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So on this one time when I go shopping with my friends, I remembered to bring my camera! And I went back and forth from Regent Street to Oxford Street then Piccadilly Circus for like 2 hours without feeling any fatigue.

Haven’t felt such satisfaction in such a long time. When I want to do something I just have to do it. Or I’ll throw a tantrum. Well I try not to.

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Oxford Street:

John Lewis has very quirky window displays this year: animals made out of household goods and products.

This bear here is just plain awesome.

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Pink electronic hair products rabbits! My kind of pet.

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This one is cute as well xD

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Selfridges is as fabulous and glamourous as ever, not much different from every other day lol.

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Of course, except for their window displays. This year they have gigantic models of expensive products on display (this totally reminds me of Tim Walker’s props haha).

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I can’t show it on the photo, but the cat shoe’s ears move like a real cat! It was so cute!

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Awesome display by Kenzo.

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Haha I think I like this one best. I still don’t get their concept but I really like it somehow hahaha. There were an old couple standing their for a very long time (so long I took them to the frame as well), don’t know if they have some deep knowledges about men shorts hanging around super duper long and tiny ladders.

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(Yves) Saint Laurent with a giant gold clutch with a swinging tassel that keeps sweeping the snow underneath.

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Regent Street:

They have these antlers-like decorations hanging along the whole street, which looks really cool and I’m really sad I don’t have any photo of me on the street. I think everyone who’s been to London around this time have a photo like that on their Instagram lol.

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Piccadilly Circus:

A coffee shop I came across while running to the restaurant where I was supposed to meet up with my friends (and yeah I was too late and they were already finishing their meal while I took these photos).

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Another giant display: snow globe in the middle of Piccadilly Circus!

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Leicester Square:

Even though I wasn’t able to have dinner with my friends in time, I went to the Christmas Funfair in Leicester Square with them (with a bag of McDonald’s meal).

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We played some prizing games (which resulted in no prize-winning at all and lots of money-wasting, and I killed 2 minions), then we went onto the wheel.

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I ate so much that evening…

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It was the best evening I had in London so far, spending time with my friends on the last night before the holidays. In the early morning next day, I went straight to the airport, feeling somewhat sad and attached to the place I’m leaving. Which is weird because I’ll go back there soon and will meet up with my friends anyway lol. But of course, I was really looking forward going back home where my loved ones are as well.

Nevertheless, if I can spend every Christmas like that it wouldn’t be too bad haha.

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